The Serious Communications GmbH is now called Nuii Brand Communications GmbH

Nuii -

Serious Communications GmbH is now Nuii! Nuii blends Serious clout and a fresh Nuii approach to digital and analog marketing. Nuii creates and invigorates brands with heart and know-how. It’s a whole Nuii approach.


This is Nuii:
Shopping Centers

Nuii has years of experience creating exciting marketing for shopping centers throughout Germany. We’ve done everything from naming and brand development projects to full-scale, carefully planned advertising campaigns for our customers.

Carree Darmstadt


Rahlstedt Center




Wir machen nichts Anderes als Andere – nur anders.

Nuii with two I’s: one for inspiration and one for individuality. Nui spelled with one I comes originally from the South Sea region, an area and native language which embodies this inspiration and individuality.

Nuii makes innovative and intelligent solutions for our customers – yet another reason for two I’s in our name!"

Kai Chariner

This is Nuii:
Financial Sector

Nuii has specialized experience doing digital and analog marketing campaigns for financial service providers and savings banks. 



Sparkasse Elmshorn



Advertising Campaign Print / PoS / Online

Successful marketing requires close attention to trends and sharp focus on maintaining a clear and well-developed brand identity. Nuii approaches every brand and communication creatively and utilizes clean corporate design to produce both digital and classic media: websites, social media campaigns, print and digital signage, brochures, posters, print advertisements, radio spots, film etc..

Brand Development

Successful brands have their own unique voice. Nuii approaches naming and branding creatively, keeping the customers parameters in mind while bringing fresh perspective and awareness of trends to the brand.

Corporate Design

The look of a brand should convey a very particular feeling. Nuii knows that first impressions count and our strong, clear design results in a strong, clear message.

Digital & Analog

We use the entire media diversity as best for the brand. Digital and analog always compliment each other.

Digital Signage

We have perfected this specific tool for our brands and offer not only sign creation but also production coordination and installation.

This is Nuii:
Advertising Campaigns

With our team of experienced employees in the traditional as well as the digital mediums, creative campaigns emerge from the heart of the brand in all relevant channels. From the startup to the relaunch, we set up brands Nuii.






Experts with heart and know-how, Nuii is versatile and personable. We take time to get to know our customers and their business thoroughly in order to create successful marketing. In addition to the core team, we also work with external specialists to provide a customized solution when needed. This is Nuii.